Monday, September 24, 2007

Water at Fermilab

This photo was in today's "Fermilab Today" electronic newsletter. Yes, there is plenty of water at Fermilab. And much of it is accessible to the general public. The cooling ponds on the Tevetron and the Main Injector (the two rings in the foreground) are not accessible to the general public. Even employees are not allowed access to the colling ponds on the Tevetron (the larger ring). But there are fish that can be caught in all the publicly accessible waters. Of course, some waters are better than others.


Please visit my web page called "Sport Fishing" for links to up to date access information for Fishing at Fermilab.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Somebody else's "vacation"

Sorry, here's another post that is not about fishing at Fermilab. It is about my regular fishing partner Jamie and his recent fishing trip. That last post of mine about my first Snook while I was on vacation last month, looks downright pale in comparison to the fishing trip Jamie recently came back from. Fishing was certainly not the central theme of my vacation and I really only got in one serious morning of fishing. And you could count the fish that I caught using all your fingers and a few toes. Jamie and his four buddies needed four digits to count the fish they caught on their trip. And they were catching Pike.

A Taltson Pike double
I'll just link to one picture from Jamie's Blog. I won't try to retell his story, after all it is HIS story. But I do recommend you check it out. Save the link for a rainy day. This is the stuff day dreams are made of.

Someday, I will take a trip like that. I'll bet it will be a trip with Jamie. And I don't bet on anything unless it is a sure thing. We may not catch stuff like this all the time, but I do get to fish with Jamie on a regular basis and we have great fun, even if our Smallies are not this big.