Friday, November 02, 2007

Just a few minutes after work

Mandy's 19 inch Largemouth Bass
My buddy Tom called and asked if I had time for a few minutes of fishing after work. I could not get away from my desk before 5:00 and with the sun going down by 6:30, it was certain to be just a few minutes. His daughter Mandy had not been able to come out to join us on any of our previous outings, but she came along for this short outing. Well, I got the first fish of the night but it was just 12" long. Mandy got the second fish of the night. We thought at first that she was stuck in some weeds, but when it did the tail dance, we knew it was a nice fish. As you can see, it was a very Fat 19" Largemouth Bass. She certainly out did us old guys this evening. I ended up with two fish. I'm sure Tom got at least two, but one of his was the smallest fish of the night. And I did not hear if Mandy got any more. Not that it matters, she still earned the bragging rights tonight. Not bad for just over an hour.
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